me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Dining Car

We all yelled at Lacey to Shut Up and she did.

So, what should we do on a ghost train? Well, we kept very close together and moved as one to the Engineers room. Empty!  Yikes, who was driving this thing? We crept back in a little herd to the dining table was reserved....the card on the beautiful white table cloth read 'Reserved for Hurley's Angels'! Margaret said she didn't care who was responsible, she wanted to sit and eat!

We thought it best to wash up and change for dinner and we spied a sign pointing "this way" ...we went!  Private leather compartments with our names posted outside awaited us....Robbie's, Tansy's, Margaret's Dusty's, Hurley's and Lacey's. Our dinner clothes were laid out!  Wow. Bow ties and black trousers for us male dogs, a gown and stole for Margaret..a tiara and skirt for Tansy, A pair of lace shorts and a Boa for Lacey. How elegant were we???  We were beyond!! I wish I had a photo of us... I can only find one of the Dining Car.

We felt like strangers to each other we looked so different and sophisticated. So we sat down at the table and read our menu cards....they were in French but Margaret translated  We each had a our own individual card with our favourite dishes. The dishes appeared on the table as if by magic and disappeared the same orchestra played chamber music in the background and occasionally the train whistle blew. If this was a dream we were all enjoying it.

We ate and drank into the night and told stories and even sang a few songs. Then the clock chimed midnight and the lights was time to go to bed.

Even though we had private rooms Hurley bunked in with Dusty, Tansy with Margaret (or vice versa) and Lacey insisted on being in My room...actually I was okay with that... being on a ghost train is not the right time for solitude!

We don't know where we are going but we rated the service as five stars.  I sure hope breakfast is as good as dinner!!!