me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Night train to Nowhere

We have to decide which train to get on...the one going 'this' way or the one going 'that' way. We do a quick paw circle and decide to get on which ever train comes first!! We are so intelligent.

So we sit down and wait....and wait ....and wait. No train. Tansy said 'let's walk to the next station',it will give us some exercise'. We hem and haw...Lacey said she was tired and wanted to go home....Dusty and Hurley said 'okay, good idea'...Margaret agreed with Tansy. I felt a bit apprehensive, but being that we are a democratic Gang majority ruled and off we went 'that' way.

We walked for a long train station. We sang our favourite songs but we were all getting tired and hungry and we didn't have much enthusiasm.

The sun went down, the sky darkened and it was getting foggy...the tracks looked overgrown as if it has been years since a train ran on them.

I was getting worried.

In the distance we saw a light shining, thankfully we hurried through the fog toward it. The light was burning in the window of what turned out to be an abandoned house beside the tracks. The wooden table was set with four places for dinner all covered in thick dust....a book lay open on the table, it was a diary with the last entry dated October 31st 1937! What was going on???

Then Hurley heard the train whistle....we were so relieved we let out a few yelps and a loud cheer. The lights came closer and closer and the train came to a was a passenger train...we could see people behind the blinds. Without giving it much thought we climbed aboard...I can tell you that house was giving us the creeps. We would have to deal with not having a ticket later when the conductor came through.

The train chuffed off again and we opened the door to a was empty!! Strange, we had seen people through the window. We went up and down the corridors....ALL the compartments were empty!!!! We looked at each other....Margaret said it first... 'We are on a ghost train'!!!! Lacey started to howl.

To be continued.....