me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 4 February 2012


We had visitors for the last couple of days....why should that affect ME you ask? Well, I am not allowed on Mom's laptop when we have company for one thing...for another I have to be 'entertaining' ...and for thirds I have to keep Lacey under control.  I am quite worn out. They didn't go to bed until after midnight....I mean the only time they ever stay up that late is New Years Eve! Then I had to help with clean-up before I went to bed....aren't there laws against this sort of thing?

So I dragged myself out of bed before 6.00am this morning and I got Lacey up too. I like to set a good example of being up and on the job no matter that I had less than six hours sleep! Mom and DOD were surprised and very impressed....they showed it with strange moans of ' OMG'  and gritted teeth This is not their usual appreciative behaviour but Mom has been baring her new capped tooth a lot since her visit to the dentist and DOD doesn't have a new tooth but he copied Mom. I threw my squeaky toy around and raced up and down the stairs with Lacey....I gave it my all. Our company woke up early too......such light sleepers....must be the desert air.

Anyway, I can't stay awake...I am off to bed. Good Night.