me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dining Out

So we went to the Pub last night, Tubac Jack's.....of course Me and Lacey had to stay in the car but we told Mom and DOD that we wanted some decent fare... after all pickins have been very scarce at our house since they had the stomach flu. Mom ordered a chicken burger with fried jalapenos and DOD ordered bbq'd ribs (good choices...well except for the jalapenos). Anyway, the food was good but they just didn't have much they left most it and Mom wrapped the meat and chicken separate (after she scraped off the jalapenos) chicken for Lacey because of her diet and succulent pork for me and brought it out to the car. I can tell you we were all for eating right then and there but DOD said we had to wait til we got home as we would make a mess in his car.....Oh the anticipation.  We tore into the house and demanded service...NOW! I won't describe the noises that Lacey made while eating,  I will tell you it was delicious though.

I can recommend Tubac Jack's if you are ever in Tubac. Tell him Robbie sent you.