me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tubac Festival

Every year our little town has a festival and this is the first year we have been here for it. Some of the locals call it festi-hell! There are hundreds and hundreds of people here...maybe thousands. Police cars are every where Border control people and even animal control vans!!  Mom says we are not allowed to go into town until the festival ends. She says we are aliens and they might lock us up and throw away the key...sort of like Homeland Security for dogs. Wow.

I survived grooming yesterday and I must say I look pretty darned good!  Two other Westie's were there at the same time so we exchanged sniffs and vital information.....a couple of real good fellows and they were Canadian to boot. They were being dropped off at Pet Central 'cos their Mom would not let them go with her to the festival either.

We are starting to make plans for going home. I think Lacey has forgotten our house. I wonder if Hugh and Barbra have forgotten me...or Harvey and Reggie!!  I sure hope not, I have not forgotten them.