me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Meeting New Friends

Yesterday was a day for making new friends in our neighbourhood. First we went to the park and met Katie and Midge, who I already know...they are a nice couple of girls...but you know, I have enough girl company at home with Lacey!

I am in desperate need of a 'guy' fix! So we went home and I thought that was it for the day.....But just before dark a whole bunch of owners and their dogs were out in the field by our gate. I went mad, barking and carrying on...asking Mom if I could please go out and play with them....and you know what??  She opened the gate and let me run down to join the gang!! Oh what joy....they were real Dudes, all five of them. We all sniffed and wagged and did guy stuff. I had to put up with Lacey barking hysterically from the gate that I was going to get mugged (they were all big fellows) and rumbled and torn to pieces...but I pretended I didn't know her when they asked who the heck was making all the ruckus!

I also pretended I didn't hear Mom and DOD calling for me to come back. DOD finally came and got me and carried me home. How humiliating in front of my big friends....I have thought it through though and next time I will stroll back when they call in order to avoid a re-occurrence....