me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Travelling Companions

Just to set your mind at rest we all made it aboard the train!

When I hollered JUMP, Margaret grabbed Me AND Tansy and tucked us one under each arm, she clenched her walking stick between her teeth and she JUMPED. Lacey was blubbering she couldn't do it ..but dear old Dusty bit her in the butt and she JUMPED...then Hurley and Dusty JUMPED together and just made it. I must admit I was a little taken aback to find myself under Margaret's arm...I mean I AM the leader after all. I must work on a more dignified way of getting myself on and off a moving train.

We dusted ourselves off and checked that we were all in one piece.....most of us are of a Mature age except for Lacey and Hurley and we don't bounce the way we used to as Pups and kids. We had a few bruises but nothing to worry about. It was dark in the box car and we sort of groped our way around.Tansy was not impressed with the spartan furnishings and she said the place smelled of ????.

Anyway, we bedded down for a sleep as we were all tired from our busy day. Lacey snored! Margaret snored! Dusty snored!

I stayed on guard watching and waiting as is befitting a leader.....sometime during the dark night I was jolted from my semi-sleeping state by a loud snorting, blowing, pawing and heavy thunderous movements. I thought the box car was inhabited by demons. I said a quick prayer and then I let out a piercing howl that woke up the entire Gang. 'There is something in this box car' I yelled! 

Margaret took our her flashlight and shone it around.....OMG three horses were staring at us!!  Three girl Clydesdales!   Wow, those were BIG girls. They introduced themselves as Velvet, Beauty and Ginger.....
Velvet, Beauty and Ginger
We sat around, sleep forgotten, while they told their story.....