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Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Sad Tale

Ginger said she would speak for all three as they had been together since they could remember. She said they were born on a farm somewhere in the US, she did not know where but they all could remember their mothers and green fields and snow and a kindly farmer who they helped with plowing and haying and other farm things.

As is often the case these days when the farmer died no one wanted the farm and it was sold to a real estate developer. All the animals were sold or ???. Ginger told us all three of them were bought by one of those chaps who use horse drawn wagons to take tourists for rides around parks and streets.  They never saw their farm or their Mothers again (sniff, sniff, sob.)

Ginger continued...they worked hard and they liked many things about their job. They liked meeting people and being part of the tourist business, they liked posing for photos and they liked the warm summer sun and strolling around the town. Winters were tough for them though as the Boss didn't spend much time with them and he cut back on food to save money....but they always knew that summer would return and once again they would have lots to eat and lots of pats and hugs.

Time went by quickly and before too many winters had passed the three Ladies started to get aches and pains in their limbs. Soon the pains didn't go away in the warm summers and one day the Boss decided they were getting too old to work. He said they had to go where old horses go (don't ask) and he put them on the train with some food and water to last a few days. Velvet said they didn't know how long they would be on the train or where it was going...but they were all three afraid and worried about what was waiting for them at the end of the line....Ginger and Beauty nodded

We sat in silence and didn't quite know what to say. Finally Dusty said 'some of us are mature and we would not want this to happen to us, would we?'. So true Dusty ! Then Margaret piped up..Aren't we Hurley's Angels?' Don't we have supernatural powers'?   YES, YES, we do ...we all barked and yipped our agreement (Lacey was bewildered, she knew she had to have her butt bitten to get her to jump on the train... but she hoped it was like a super-power vaccination of sorts)

Okay....We have agreed...the Gang has a new mission ...we are going to get Beauty, Ginger and Velvet off this train....we are, aren't we??


  1. Yes we most certainly are RObbie and we are going to find a sanctuary for them. WE ARE.........

  2. I know we will take a lot of planning. Thank goodness for the Gang, together we will find a way!