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Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Rescue Plan

A Rescue Plan

We sat up talking all night...wondering this and thinking of was so difficult to know what to do to help the Girls. As dawn broke we finally came up with a few plans. Dusty and Hurley thought we should take them home to live with Scribe and Pop (I like that idea). Margaret and Tansy thought we should try anything that would work including magic, (I like that idea too). A friend suggested a zoo that looks after abandoned animals, (better than what they are going to now and that is for sure). Lacey said they might be too big to take anywhere we should look for miniature horses to help, (we ignored her)... and Me/I....what do I think?

Well, we know for sure we are not going to abandon them now.....We also know that we have to get them off the train before it arrives at its destination. I think we have to find out where the train is going and how long we have to work out a plan and put it into action.

We need information.

I know I promised Mom I would not run up roaming charges on my BlackBerry but this is an emergency. I turn on my GPS....we are heading East...then I find train schedules and look up freight trains heading that way. Our train is going right past Kentucky! How lucky is that....a State that loves horses and has lots of blue grass to feed them.

Just look at that heaven! I showed the photo to the Gang...they were so impressed and said that it looked just the ideal place for the Girls. I showed it to Velvet, Ginger and Beauty and they too were very impressed.... even though the grass looked a regular green colour to them. I told them my pixels were not good.

 Should we try to get the Girls off the train in Kentucky??  I think it will take another two days to get there and we need part B of the plan ready by then. As a back up, if we cannot come up with plan B, I have sent a note to Scribe asking how she and Pop feel about having the Girls. I have sent a note to Priscinda and Wozart asking them to be at the ready and I have checked out the Zoo in Nova Scotia.

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