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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crowded Quarters

One thing is for sure we HAVE to get off this train soon! The bathroom facilities leave a lot to be desired and those Girls have bowels that are in great working order! Margaret found the engineers washroom and has availed herself of that...but the rest of us have to make do (or should that be Do-Do!) as best we can.  I know it is not a pretty topic but it is a reality of being Hobo and riding the rails so we have to face up to it!

We are concentrating on Kentucky as Margaret suggested. Apparently Kentucky Blue-Grass is musical so as soon as we hear the grass singing and playing we are going to depart the box car. But How? And Where are we going to? So far we have not come up with a plan that we think will work.

The train click-clacks along the tracks, we rocked gently from side to side and soon we all fell fast asleep.

Dusty, Hurley, Lacey and Margaret and Tansy jumped on me....Wake up Robbie! What?  No click-clack of wheels.... the train was no longer moving. We had no idea what was happening so we peeked outside...OMG there were horse vans lined up waiting!!!!!!  No time to time for anything. We untied the Girls, grabbed our bags and headed out of the door. Margaret held the Girls' halters and we dogs walked beside her like the well-trained purebreds that we are. The men with the horse vans did not even look up as we passed, not even when Lacey did her new ' I love everyone act!..(she can't control herself).

Hallelujah!  The Girls are free at last!
Dusty, Hurley, Tansy, Lacey and Me, Robbie (Oh and Margaret too) all did a little dance of victory turfing up the grass (it wasn't the musical blue-grass kind) and jumping around. The Girls whinnied and laughed with the happiness of new found time .....

But in my heart I was worried...what happens now?

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