me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 20 February 2012

Presidents Day

So there we are...actually, I we have no idea where we are! But we are off the train and the Girls are not on their way to ????  wherever old horses go.  So, What now? Hurley said he could see a town in the distance (he has the best eyesight) and maybe we should go and check it out. We all agreed. We were all in need of food and clean water and stuff like that.

The town looked close but once we started walking we could tell it was far, far away. The Girls stopped, bent down and asked us to please climb up on their backs...they said compared to what they were used to hauling we would be as light as feathers! Wow, were we happy to climb aboard....we paired up, Me and Dusty on Beauty, Lacey and Hurley on Velvet and Margaret and Tansy on Ginger. The Girls walked smoothly and slowly....we hung on as best we could. It seemed a good time to sing one of our favourite hymns.....we all joined in  'All Things Bright And Beautiful....All Creatures Great and Small....'.

We plodded on and on for a long time....and then we heard a marching band playing. We went toward the music thinking maybe it was Blue Grass music!  As we got closer we could see people standing on the side of the street waving and clapping...the Girls raised their heads and tails, we sat up straighter....the people turned around to look toward us and then they started cheering and hollering as we clip-clopped onto Main Street and joined the Presidents Day Parade. We were the Stars! What a welcome for three Clydesdale Girls and their riders.

We followed the parade to the fair grounds where we dismounted and accepted the 'Best in Parade' ribbons. The Girls got big feed bags of oats and we got complimentary burgers and hot dogs. What a day. It just goes to show that a day may start off not so good and end up to be great.

Tomorrow is another day.