me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Three C Ranch

We spent the night in a vacant storeroom and woke early a little stiff from our ride...but otherwise just fine. The Girls said they felt great after riding us around and that they could still hear the applause and cheering of the crowd.

After breakfast we sat around trying to get motivated for the just isn't easy when you don't know where you are going and how long it will take to get there!

I checked the headlines on my BlackBerry...nothing about stolen Clydesdale horses! GOOD!

We had begun to pack up our gear when a man and woman all dressed in western clothes came toward us. They asked Margaret about HER horses (people always talk to Margaret, so few speak Dog these days) such beauties, so healthy looking etc. And then they asked if Margaret would consider SELLING them! Margaret was taken aback and a bit suspicious of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans look-alikes. The rest of us didn't know what to make of them, I mean they looked authentic enough but it was not like we had seen a whole lot of Cowboys/Girls. They asked us to come with them to see their 'spread' ...I think that is Cowboy talk for property......having nothing to lose, we said 'okay'. We jumped onto the Girls and off we went following their truck.

More than three miles down the road we came to a place even more beautiful than the one we had seen in the photo!  The grass wasn't quite blue but it was close...and I put my ear down and I heard blue grass music!! Cool! Jake and Lorena (that was their names) invited us to sit under the trees and have a snack and a cool drink.

Then Jake asked us to look around the place..... we all got in his truck (well except the Girls) was so big and so lovely. Lorena said it was their dream place and that she and Jake had a vision of it being totally 'green'. I said that I thought would be easier to attain than being 'blue'. ..Lorena gave me a strange look and carried on with her story  ..She said she and Jake didn't want anything mechanical on the use of gasoline or tractors or engines ....they want to return to the 'olden days' of horse power and simplicity. We looked at each other, surely they were not thinking of the Girls as Work-horses. No, Jake and Lorena assured us...they wanted the Girls as teachers... to run a 'finishing school' for training young Clydesdale's in the simple ways of farming and service!

Well we decided to 'fess up and we told Jake and Lorena the whole story. The Girls were so excited we could hardly make ourselves heard over the whinnying and pawing....THEY thought hey had arrived in heaven.  Jake said he would find and compensate the people who were waiting for the Girls. He wanted to know were we in agreement with the Girls staying on the 3C (named in anticipation of them becoming family) Ranch ?

Dusty, Hurley, Tansy, Lacey, Margaret and I made eye contact and then in unison we said 'yes'..we agreed.  The girls raised their hooves high in thanks!

Such a wonderful way to end this part of our story ...we will stay in touch with Velvet, Beauty and Ginger but now we are  heading for the train and another chapter in our rail-riding saga. I hope you can join us.