me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pete's Story

A tear rolled down the furrows in Pete's cheek as he told us his sad tale. He said Makitrich was a nice little town back in those days even though it was in the Wild West. It had a store and a church and a school for the kids where his Sara taught all the little children to read and write.  He told us how he built a little cabin with his own hands for his darling Sara and his girls Beth and Annie. He worked at the Makitrich mine and went home every day to his family; life was good.

One day while he and the other men were working in the mine, a gang of Banditos rode through Makitrich, stealing and shooting at all the town's inhabitants. The Banditos stopped at the little school and rounded up Sara and the children. They lifted them onto the back of the horses and rode off with them toward Mexico! The dazed town folk rang the mine alarm and as soon as the miners were above ground they, and all the able-bodied men, saddled up and took off after the Banditos.

Well they rode and rode for days and weeks but they were not able to find any trace of Sara and the children. They came back empty-handed to a broken-hearted town. The men made other excursions into Mexico but always with the same one ever saw a trace of the lost children and Sara again. Slowly all the people left the town, it could never be the way it was again ....Everybody left that is except Pete, who stayed on in case...just in case, Sara, Beth and Annie ever found their way back home...he wanted to be here, waiting, when they arrived.

We were all crying now....every one of us....sob.

We invited Pete into our paw circle.