me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 2 March 2012

All Is Well That Ends Well

We had to think through our situation. We, Hurley's Angels are alive and well and it is 2012. Pete is alive (we think) in 1837 but then that means he could not be alive today! Hurley wants to know if someone with a gun shoots you in 1837 will it kill you in 2012....We don't want to find out. 

It seems to us that we have to find Pete's family who MUST be ghosts by this time...but we have to find them when they are/were alive. Oh, this is very complicated!

Dusty suggested we call on our friends the Spirit Dancers. What a good idea!

Margaret led the chant and we did the circle stomp...we all remembered the drill from our last adventure. Pete joined us, he had two left feet but he was sincere and that is what counts.  Sure enough, the Dancers heard our call and they came to us!! The Great Chief came up to me and said 'Little White brother, why do you call us from the Other Side'? We all barked and spoke out parts of Pete's story and asked if they could help us find Pete's family.

The Chief and his warriors had a pow-wow (that is Indian talk for a conference) and then they nodded 'YES' they would help! Pete was so excited he grabbed Margaret and they did a do-si-do.

The Chief told us we were very lucky that it was October 31st as that is the night earth people can make contact with all departed souls. We would have to wait until midnight. I have to admit I was a bit scared and I know the others were tool Lacey said she was going home to Mom....sigh.

Time dragged, but at last it got close to 12.00 midnight. We sat in a circle and waited. The Dancers started their ritual dance and the Medicine Man brought out his wampum and sprinkled us with his magic powder. Time stood still shook ...and then it started again.

We heard voices calling 'Papa' Papa'. They were Here! They were Here! Pete took off running down the street....Sara and the girls ran toward him.

We couldn't see the rest of the reunion for tears...this time they were tears of happiness. We blinked and opened our eyes but things had changed and Pete and his family were gone. Pete's gun lay in the dirt where he had left it...a note was wrapped around the read..' I won't need this where I am going and it may help you. Thank you from all of us Dear Hurley's Angels'. It was signed Pete, Sara, Beth and Annie.

What a night! What an ending! The town is no longer a ghost town and I have a feeling one day people will come back here and make it a happy place.

We must find out Dear Friends what time zone we are in and where we go from here....Tomorrow!