me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


As we always do in times of trouble we arranged ourselves into a paw circle. Holding paws and hands we asked for guidance and answers as to what the heck was going on.

Our question seemed to be answered immediately when we heard the Saloon door creak open .....we looked up and saw an old prospector standing propped up against the sagging door frame looking at us. He didn't look a bit friendly...he had a gun!!!

'What in dangnation do you lot think you are doing here'? he asked us. As leader I thought it best to let Margaret answer him in human talk, which she did. She explained, very nicely I thought, about the ghost train and how we didn't know where we were or what time zone we were in. In answer he pointed his gun at us and cocked the trigger!!

Holy Moly! Time for plan 'B'.

Tansy flopped to the ground in a dead faint...the rest of us sat beside her and started howling to beat the band (Margaret keened). The old prospector put down his gun and walked over to poor lifeless Tansy. As soon as he squatted beside her we all jumped him and knocked his gun to the ground. Margaret picked it up and leveled it at him and told him to 'listen up' (that's prospector talk) or she would cold cock him with his own gun!

We told him we were friendly and that Margaret had told the truth about the ghost train. We asked what day and year it was....he told us it was October 31st, 1837! Wow that's a hundred years earlier than the diary in the abandoned house. We must have got off the train at the wrong stop! Anyway, we are here now so we will make the best of it.

We told him our names, filled in our backgrounds and told him we were Gang members. He said he had never heard of the Hurley's Angels Gang (that doesn't mean we are not famous it is because we weren't alive in his time) but he wanted to know if we were a gang of banditos or outlaws of some kind?  We assured him we always stayed on the right side of law and order (well mostly) and asked him to tell us his story.

We walked over to the old benches outside of the saloon and we sat down. Pete (that was his name) cleared his throat and began .......'It all started around the turn of the century. I arrived in Makitrich with my lovely bride Sara and our two girls Annie and Beth (he didn't have a photo but this is how we imagined them as he was talking) be continued.