me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 13 February 2012

Gathering of the Gang

Well I got through telling Mom that we were heading off on another adventure! She wasn't happy!! But I told her that with my BlackBerry and cyberspace travel is not like the olden days when you were out of communication for days and weeks on end. She also wasn't too happy about me taking Lacey with me ....I am not sure it is a good idea either she can be such a wuss at times...however, I promised Mom I will take care of Lacey like the caring older brother that I am and that Dusty and Hurley are going to help ...and Margaret of course will make sure that we all stick to the straight and narrow.

Everyone has arrived in Tubac except Red, he says he will join us later but right now he is tied up with all of his hens getting ready for Spring production.

It is so good to see everyone again, it seems like such a long time since we were all together. I introduced the Gang to Lacey....I could see that Tansy was not too impressed with Lacey's baby-sister act but Hurley told me on the side that he though she was as cute as a button. I quickly gave him a friendly growl warning..Not with MY Sister Hurley!!

The freight train chuffs through Tubac early in the evening right after it gets dark. It slows right down when it gets to the river and blows its whistle to alert illegal aliens, Javelinas and Coyotes that it is coming through.  We are going to jump on the train under cover of darkness.......I think this is  illegal ......I mean jumping on a train not the darkness....but when it is in an Adventure Blog it doesn't count!

So Dusty has his bandana filled with Milk bones and tied on a stick just like in the movies. I have a pack-sack filled with water bottles and kibble my Doggles and a bush hat. Lacey has two stuffed toys to sleep with in case she gets homesick. Tansy has several coordinated changes of clothing and gourmet snacks..and Margaret, remembering our last adventure, has costumes from her dance hall days and a gun.  Hurley does not want to be bogged down with material possessions in case he has to jump on and off the train at a moments notice.

We are going to have an early dinner with Mom and DOD and then we are going to have our first paw circle...and then... we will wait for twilight and head to the river and the tracks. .....