me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 27 February 2012


We look around and take inventory of our situation...... Swirling dust devils dance along a lonely street lined with deserted buildings. Tumbleweeds scatter in the wind, and somewhere, off in the distance, a coyote is howling. A hanging tree is silhouetted against the sky....vultures circle overhead......Yikes!

We sit down on a broken wooden sidewalk and come up with a list of questions ...

We all want to know where we are? And why we are wherever we are?
We all want to know Why were we on the train? Are we in real time or have we gone back to a different era? Who can we contact for help...or ...who will contact us?
Lacey wants to know if she can go home to Mom...NOW?
Tansy wants to know where we are going stay...she doesn't want to go into any of those buildings (none of us do)
Margaret wants to know where the Ladies room is...(doesn't look too hopeful)
Dusty and Hurley want to call home, they know Scribe and Pop will be worried.
And I want to know why my Blackberry and GPS are not working! Without it I cannot communicate with anyone.....I don't even know if this blog will go through!

We are lost. As leader of this group I try to come up with answers but.. nothing, nada, zero, zilch....come to mind. I could go on as I am very worldly and literate, but all the words for nothing mean the same.  I don't know how I got us into this mess but I cannot think of one way to get us out of it!