me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Today is the six month anniversary of Lacey coming to live at our house. Things have changed so much in my life since she became my sister and she has changed even more!

Having a dear Sister means I am never alone. It means I have a warm furry body to sleep beside and a fun friend to play and share toys with....we always play with one  toy and chase each other around and around. We do everything together and I like that...I even share food with Lacey ....she has a bigger appetite than mine and Mom tries to get her to eat less but I let her eat from my bowl, I don't think she is fat!. Guarding the house is not such a big job when there are two of you to keep animals away....and Lacey always runs to me at the gate when I bark for back-up.

Lacey is no longer afraid of people, she goes right up to strangers and lets them pet her. She likes the car and she likes staying at home alone with me. She has learned to like DOD and to let him put her harness on. She has learned to trust and to play, to laugh at my jokes and to be the best dog ever...After me that is!