me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 20 January 2012


I am finding it very difficult to record in my diary without mentioning the beautiful weather here. I have received emails threatening me with bodily harm if I keep mentioning laying in the sun while all of my facebook friends are freezing their buns off. So I will try to stifle myself and not mention that is was 75Farenheit here today....Mom said it was too warm for us to go in the car so we were forced to stay at home and stay outside in the is not easy!

I heard Mom mention the 'G'  word today....Groomers! Another unmentionable topic. I know I look grubby...but I think it is the equivalent of the unshaven look in macho know, the sweaty, dusty, Javelina chasing look! The girl dogs go mad when they see me...and Mom wants to turn me into a pale white Gringo dog! I am appealing to DOD and my friends to save me from a fate worse than death! Margaret, is phoning tomorrow!!!!!