me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 21 January 2012


So Mom went ahead and phoned the Groomers this morning ...against all of my wishes ...and those of my supporters who tell me I look very macho the way I am! However, to try to keep on my good side Mom said that Lacey could go with me.....I mean we have had that girl for over 5 months and she has NEVER had a bath. But when Mom booked the appointment the woman said they would not take a Shar Pei!!!  Can you imagine?? She had never even seen my sweet natured little Lacey....the woman didn't ask if Lacey was mean or a biter .....NO, she just said they would not let a Shar Pei come with me for a Spa day!

Lacey was hurt (as you can imagine) and so was I on her behalf. What sort if discrimination is this? I have known some Cocker Spaniels that were absolutely vicious and my elder Brother Charles once had a Yorkie that terrorized the neighbourhood.

Stereotyping people or dogs is not good, I told Mom we should boycott the place. As a a mature dog of liberal and tolerant principles I am offended by their attitude.

I have an appointment for Monday morning....They may never accept another Westie!!!