me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mom gets a new tooth!

Mom and DOD  braved the Border and the hordes of lawless gun-toting Mexican drug dealers to get Mom a new Crown at a third of the cost of getting one in Canada (not true about the drug dealers, but she wants me to make this blog exciting!). What that woman will not do for a bargain!! The Mexican side of the border was VERY security at all! So Mom and DOD walked through the lineups of taxi drivers like they knew where they were going ...trying to look sophisticated  (if they had taken me they would not have had any problems...I have been practicing Spanish...Buenos Dias,,,Buenos Tardes...Donde Esta Bano's etc.) and found the Dentist's street.

Mom does not want to discuss the dentist! She says he was thorough but she spent one and half hours in the chair and emerged weak and shaken! Her temporary crown looks like it will need blasting to remove....and it is gleaming white in the dark! yikes.

So then they head back to the border to cross into Arizona....big line-ups...guards with rifles. Mom and DOD were pretty apprehensive but when they got to the guard he said ' Canadian Eh'  and he was friendly! He even looked sympathetically at Mom's tooth. WOW....they were happy and they rushed to our car, which had to be parked on the American side for security reasons, and drove home as quick as they could to Me and Lacey.

Thankfully, they made it home in time to make our dinner....Mom gets the permanent crown on the 30th.