me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 6 January 2012

Taking Stock

We have been in Arizona for over two months. There are lots of things I like about being here....It is sunny almost every day...I have met some interesting dogs......Me and Lacey go on long walks, we also go on rides in the car....we like our house...lots of people pet us....we go to coffee shops.

The other side of this desert stuff is..... I have a thorn in my paw that the Vet cannot find or get out! I have had to wear a Cone to deal with my paw! I have not had a walk off-leash for two months because Mom is afraid I will be eaten by Coyotes or Javelinas! There are spiders here bigger than birds! I cannot see the ocean! I think I am getting wrinkles from the low humidity!

I am going to add up the pluses and minuses..... it will take a while, you know I am not good at math.