me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dog Flags

Me and Lacey are wearing our new dog flags on our leashes. Mine is green and it has 'Friendly' printed on it. Lacey's is yellow and it has ' I Am Shy' in big black letters. Now don't ask me why Mom ordered a shy flag for Lacey because she is anything but!! She rushes over to meet people now and she even had a bit of an 'encounter' with a Schnauzer name Dirk yesterday.  I have to admit I was horrified at her behaving like a brazen hussy in front of Dirk's owner. I told Mom to reign her in but Mom thought it was 'cute'!!!

I had a chat with that girl on the way home and gave her a brotherly nip on the butt to let her know that her behaviour is not acceptable in polite society. I will keep a close eye on her from now on.