me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 2 January 2012


Let me say right at the start that I am not a happy dog! Mom took the cone off this morning...oh boy was I happy with that or what? I raced around and laughed and played...just like the old days before I became a cone-head. Then Mom had a little chat with me and told me that if I licked my paw I would have to have it back on. Well everyone knows a dog has to doctor himself a bit ...I mean my paw was in desperate need of my I laid down and had a really good nosh on it before Mom caught me at it. She let out one of her shrieks and marched me into the bedroom....and with DOD as an accomplice, they snapped that cone around my neck!!!.

I am off both of them. I am sulking. I will never kiss Mom again. And that is only for starters!!!