me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gangs of Tubac

So Me and Lacey and DOD were out on our morning walk, when what should we see but the Javelina Gang waddling toward us! This was the BIG Gang.....the whole Magilla.... Moms, Pops and Kids. And they were in down-town Tubac brazenly walking the streets at 7.30am.

So I said to DOD, 'leave it to me'!  I started barking and snarling to let them know that the three of us we were dangerous predators ourselves ....You should have seen warmed my heart the way they all wheeled around at the electrifying sound of my bark and ran off in the opposite direction.

DOD rushed us home to tell Mom all about our encounter.....he mentioned me several times. Is 'raving idiot' a complimentary term for a dog?