me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Checking In!

So, I checked in on Saturna today. Barbra told me it was sunny but cold and windy.....I asked if she had been to my house and if she had checked on whether the Otters, Raccoon and Deer had taken over my yard. Happily, Barbra says all is well and the place is secure against those marauding animals.

Boston Jackie is on Old Point Farm and he is missing me. I asked Barbra to tell him I will be home soon .....he is so anxious for me to get back and visit him.

I sent a note to Reggie .....I know he will be staying with Sandi for a while but I will be thinking of him and sending him nose to nose hugs.

My friend nogarD the pond dragon is well but lonely. Priscinda and Wozart are waiting for me...... and Dusty, Hurley and Red think it is time we had another adventure. I bet Margaret and Tansy agree.