me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A New/Old Blog Address

I still don't know why my other blog was shut down on Facebook... unless it was Mom who turned me in for saying she was wrinkled! Anyway, I am using my Adventure blog address and that seems to work just fine for the time being.

It was a cloudy day here in Tubac which seems very strange. Thank goodness the forecast is for sun again tomorrow. And speaking of tomorrow, we are finally getting a I love grilled meats....I can hardly wait. No marinade or BBQ sauces for me...I like them 'straight'....I like my beef rare, but seared on the outside....pork and chicken well done...sausages too.  Lacey likes hers anyway they come!  That girl is not sophisticated.

I am happy to hear that Javelinas are vegetarian ...I would hate that Gang crashing my dinner. Hopefully the Coyote has heard my ferocious bark and we will sit around the table and eat in peace!