me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I still have a cone-head to start the year. My paw is much improved though and Mom says she will take off the cone of shame if I promise not to lick my paw.

We had a quiet New Years Eve...actually, Mom and DOD did not stay up late enough for Auld Lang Syne so Lacey and I sang it ...just the two of us. It was one of the those 'life moments' and we were in fine voice (Lacey is a Contralto) until Mom yelled at us to 'shut-up'. It is not easy being unappreciated in life.

There was a huge Fireball/Meteor over Tubac and Phoenix at about 8.30pm last night. It is on U tube if you want to see it. Me and Lacey think it was an omen that we are going to have the best year ever.

This time last year I did not have a sister and I am very happy to have her now and share my life with her. I am also happy for all of my friends and my Mom and DOD.  I am looking forward to 2012 (once I get this lousy cone off my head!)