me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday the 13th

I have to say that so far this supposedly unlucky day has turned out to be okay for Me and Lacey. We have had two good walks and a ride in the car. Mom bought us Puperoni treats at Walmart (they are the best) then DOD gave us both a bowl of ice cream. How sweet it is!

The Coyote came by our back gate this evening. We don't know why he/she is all alone when Wikipedia says they are pack animals. But he/she looked longingly into our yard, like he/she just wanted to be friends and play with us. Me and Lacey went mad....we told Mom to let the poor lonely beast in... but she said she will tell us the story of Red Riding Hood tonight and follow that up with the Three Little Pigs....she said we will change our minds about inviting this critter in when we substitute a Coyote for the Wolf  in the stories.

Sometimes I think Mom may not always be right about animals. She should listen more to Me and Lacey...we are cousins (three times removed) to our lonely Coyote.