me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jenny Craig

My Sister is getting FAT!  I know that is not a politically correct thing to say...but it is true. She eats her food and then she scarfs down mine We went to Home Depot today and we got back home about 20 minutes after her dinner time. Let me tell you she was stressed! She barked the entire way home and let everyone know that she was hungry. And it is not like she hadn't had a good breakfast....and eaten mine too!

What to do? People tell her she is so cute....someone compared her to a Sumo wrestler yesterday. I don't think Lacey knows what a Sumo wrestler is 'cos she smiled and pranced...We met another Shar Pei yesterday, his name is Sammy Lee. he's a standard breed not a miniature like Lacey but I bet he weighed 6 pounds less than she does and he is 6 inches taller.

Is there a Jenny Craig for dogs? Should I mention Lacey's expanding butt to her?  Is it up to a Brother to deal with these sensitive issues?