me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dig This

Our back yard in Tubac is quite small. It doesn't have grass like our Saturna property is has desert beige/pink gravel, rocks and Cacti. Well yesterday, I heard one of the neighbours say that Tarantulas and Snakes burrow underground for the winter! Let me tell you I was on it like the vigilant, mature dog that I am....I dug up most of the back yard (even though it is not in my job description)...and I KNOW there are no critters of any kind under that gravel!

DOD could not believe his eyes....he was so impressed with me ...and I did it all with my sore paw (which does seem better for the Spa dirt treatment.)  I heard him say to Mom..'Can you believe that *@*%*!#* Dog?  I didn't quite get the word he used but I could tell he was awestruck! I sometimes wonder what on earth (no pun intended) those two would do without me!!