me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 9 January 2012

An Ordinary Day

Today was cooler but still bright and sunny and warm enough for me to lay outside. We bought a used patio set and DOD re-painted it. Mom didn't like it at first....she said that DOD should never buy anything without her seeing it !!  But it looks really good now, and Me and Lacey are happy that he will no longer have to steal our absentee neighbours outside chairs when we have company.

Mom is complaining about the lack of humidity. She is spending mega Bucks on creams and lotions and when DOD casually mentioned the cost, Mom said it is because she is beginning to look like a cross between and lizard and a raisin. She was very cranky when DOD just nodded and said 'okay, I see what you mean'. 

Just another ordinary day in Tubac, Arizona, I hope I have more exciting news tomorrow.