me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 26 December 2011

Our Christmas

We had a nice Christmas day....Mom and DOD opened their presents and oohed and ahhed... so we knew things were good. Me and Lacy got a couple of treats and that was it! I was a bit disappointed having had my heart set on a inter-active, vibrating Javelina toy and Lacey had asked for a squeaky fur Coyote collar...but we sucked it up as Mom told us she had donated to the homeless instead of buying our toys! I asked her why she had not donated HER present to the homeless and she told me she NEEDED the fluffy pink housecoat that DOD bought her to match her fluffy pink slippers!!!  I had to agree with her as I secretly thought even the homeless would not have wanted it!!

We had a good Boxing Day here in Tubac. It was sunny and warm and we went for a long walk and a drive.
I am now working on my New Years Resolutions. It is difficult when you are perfect to come up with something you need to improve on.....but I am trying to set a good example for Lacey. I will keep working on it......