me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lovin' the Sun

Our Dear friend, Raymond, sent this photo of Me and Lacey soaking up the sun. I was in the middle of telling Lacey one of my Shaggy Dog stories and she was yukking it up and telling me how funny I am. I lay outside most of the day when I am not on my walks....or on official Javelina and Coyote duty. I know to the untrained eye I appear to be napping but I always have an ear cocked and one eye open and I can be at the gate barking in a nano-second!

I must tell you Lacey and I are getting to be very well known in Tubac. Everyone stops to pet us, and Lacey who used to be so shy, now runs up and greets people. Some people even say they can see a family resemblance and we like that!