me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Desert Dryness

I have a couple of issues that I want to air in my Diary. First, I want to know how I get dirty when it doesn't rain and there is no mud to walk in....and second, why do I have to have a bath when there is a shortage of water in the desert??

Actually, I did not have a bath...I had a shower. DOD lured me into the shower ....I should have suspected something when he took off all his clothes and asked me to join him in the downstairs shower...but I thought he was into having a few guy minutes without Lacey. Then the spray hit me and I knew it was just another way of giving me a BATH! I know Mom is sneaky but I never thought my DOD would trick me like that!

I did get a bit of satisfaction in shaking water all over the house and all over them....and yes, I look and smell wonderful, but I will not be tricked again.