me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Anza Trail

The four of us went on a long walk down the Anza trail today. It was such a lovely day in the sunshine ...Mom took her big walking stick in case we got attacked by Javelinas and Coyotes and off we went.

Well we didn't see any signs (other than poop) of Critters. A couple of bird -watchers stopped to admire us...Me and Lacey, that is ...and a couple of very well behaved dogs let us walk right by.  The Santa Rita river runs right by the trail but it does not have much water in it right now.  This is what the Tubac/Anza trail website has to say about the trail.

Hiking information:
This trail is flat and follows the river. It is marked with posts featuring the Anza Trail logo.
Hiking and equestrian use is allowed. Bikes are allowed but not recommended. Sand will bog down mountain bikes. Mesquite thorns in the sand will flatten bike tires almost immediately.
No water or food is available on the trail. Stock up beforehand.
Do not enter the river. It is treated sewage effluent and has tested positive for e-coli in the past. There are foot bridges over the water.
You may see illegal immigrants on the trail, but this is very rare. They do not like the exposed Anza trail during the day, preferring their own route. There are too many hikers and the Border Patrol can easily tell who is not a recreation hiker. However, you will see trash they leave behind. Trash typically includes backpacks, piles of old clothing, bogus IDs, and cans of juice and tunafish.

We did NOT see any illegal immigrants or any trash.  I think we dogs will wag our tails at all we encounter along the way......