me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Shopping Day

We had to go to Walmart again! I know, I know, Mom is turning into a Walmart Queen. It is the closest big store otherwise we have to drive all the way to Tucson...but still. Turkeys were on special Mom told me for 54 cents a pound! I think we should celebrate American Thanksgiving at that price ...don't you?. Anyway, I think we are finished getting kitchen gadgets and stuff like that.....I sure hope so. Not that I get to go in the, Lacey and I have to wait outside in the car until they are finished.

Then we bought DOD his birthday present. A pair of very good headphones so he can listen to TV without making us all crazy. And guess what? Our TV does not have a head-phone jack!!  Mom is so disappointed....I think she will wear them just to muffle the noise!

It was sunny again today but everyone is saying it is unusually cold. This morning there was frost all over the field behind our looked pretty. Lacey kept shaking her paws when she stepped on it just like a cat....