me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 7 November 2011

Exploring/Getting Lost

First, Mom walked us back from the coffee shop.We know our way back from there, it is easy. A fellow with two very pretty girl Retrievers stopped and said Hi to us. He told Mom about a Bob-Cat attacking a Shar-pei...he thought it was a funny story because all the Bob-Cat got was SKIN!  Mom didn't seem to share his sense of humour.

Then this afternoon went on our usual jaunt to the off-leash park. I wasn't that interested new messages to catch up new dogs to meet.  DOD suggested a new way to come home....okay....sounds good we far? Not far, just a couple of blocks further than we normally walk, he told us. Well let me tell you, we walked for MILES.... all the way out to the golf course and past the graveyard. Cars were whizzing by us and dogs barking at was not a good walk. He finally found the right road to get us this time Mom was thirsty and cranky and saying bad words under her breath...and so was I!

I want a GPS for Christmas!