me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 5 November 2011

On and Off Leash Parks

We found an off-leash park today. It is not quite as good as my meadow on Saturna...but it is fenced in and safe and Mom says she doesn't have to watch for Coyotes and Javelinas.

Lacey raced and raced around until she was dizzy. I chose to read all the pee mail (some of the messages would make you blush) and I even answered a few with choice messages of my own! It was fun to be free for a while in the sunshine.

We also have an on-leash park close by. It is very nice with real green grass that is soft and cool. Me and Lacey like this park as well but we don't get to act crazy and run around...sigh. And not many dogs leave messages there so I don't have much mail to answer. Still I am not complaining, we do get two or three walks a day and of course we have a back yard where we can soak up the rays. Life is good in the sun.