me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Today was not the best day ever! It started when Mom's credit card did not work in Wall-mart!! I mean, can you imagine being turned down when you are buying my dog food in Wall-Mart? So Mom phoned CIBC Visa and they said it was a Security check and it was done for her protection! Like, you are going to steal a credit card and try to buy $65.00 dollars worth of stuff at Wall-Mart?

Then one of the neighbours dropped by and brought her dog. After listening to her complain about all of her ailments for an hour, her dog peed on the carpet! Me and Lacey were goggle-eyed and ran outside so Mom would not think it was us. So far, Mom has not been able to get the carpet clean!

A Coyote has been stalking me since I got here....not good!  It came up to our back gate today....I showed it who was boss!It was

We tried to get our TV hooked up....the first guy came and left without doing it. The second guy had the order wrong! By this time Mom is down-right cranky. And then, the fellow left the gate open and Lacey ran out!!!  Yikes. I thought Mom would have a heart attack.

Still, all has ended well...DOD has his TV on and the rest of us are relaxing. It was all small stuff!