me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 6 November 2011


We went exploring today. We crossed the big field and went down a trail for a long way.....there was different poo on the trail and odd hoof prints...I told Lacey it was evidence of Javelinas. We didn't stop to find out.

Then we wandered the dusty streets of town and went past the old mission. People stopped to say how cute me and Lacey are! I am used to it but Lacey let it go to her head....she has been prancing and posturing ever since!

Then we went on another trail (I was getting a bit tired and wondering just how long they were going to keep this up) and went past a farm with huge bulls and cows staring through the fence. They had horns like you would not believe. Lacey ran up to the fence and barked and growled at them before Mom could yank her back. Sometimes I wonder about that dog....she is scared of her own shadow and then she tries to attack a long-horn bull...MAD!

We kept walking even further and ended up back at the off-leash park where three dogs were already playing. We introduced ourselves...they were quite spoke Spanish. Lacey was not in the mood to play or even socialize so we left and finally headed home. We may see them again, their Moms said they visit the park often.

I napped for an hour after getting home.