me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 20 November 2011

neighbourhood Get-to-Gether

Mom and Dod were invited to their first neighbourhood thingy. They took a 'dish' to eat and a bottle of wine. Mom thought it felt just like Saturna! It was a good group of people...mostly American...a couple of Canadian...some snow-birds...some permanent. Again, Mom and DOD said it felt like Saturna. Everyone agreed it is a super dog-friendly place and that dogs are loved by one and all.....'Cool' Mom said.

Me and Lacey were happy to hear this news...but then we said to Mom and DOD when they returned ..'if it is so darned dog friendly ...why weren't  WE invited to the soiree'????  On  Saturna we get to hang out with all the other dogs at all the functions. I am going to try to change the way people think here in Tubac...give them a new perspective on dog friendly!!