me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 21 November 2011


Our company arrived today. Raymond and Susan are going to stay with us until Saturday when Mom leaves for Kosovo. They were so happy to see me...but...they gave a lot of attention to Lacey too. Of course Lacey was being a real schmoozer...licking Susan's toes and stuff like that. I don't do those sorts of things...a mature dog does not have to beg for attention from people!

I wanted to alert Raymond and Susan to the Coyote and the Javelinas... but every-time I ran out and barked Mom told me to shut up and get back in....DOD said the same!  I got so disgusted with Mom and DOD that I just gave up. I don't care if they get eaten by wild animals...from now on they can look out for themselves! I am under appreciated here!