me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In Arizona

Hello Dear Friends, Lacey, Mom, DOD and Me are in Arizona. It took us four days to get here...a very long way. We stopped at three hotels along the way...they were all good but it was a bit worrisome to me and Lacey as we did not know exactly where we were or if we were ever going to have a home again.

We were so relieved to get to Tubac...and when Mom told us this was our NEW house we were happy. We don't have a big back yard like on Saturna but it does have interesting smells..mostly because some cat liked to come here and do personal things in our dirt! Anyway, that has changed since Lacey and I are in control.

Arizona is a lot different from Saturna. There are animals here that are not afraid of Coyotes and Javelinas and Bob Cats. Mom will not let me off the leash...she says those mean animals would run off with me1 I say 'Let them Try'! 

I have missed chatting with you, but I have internet now and I will keep in touch.