me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Homeland Security

Life in Arizona is very hard, I have to bark and be on red-alert ALL the time! We do get a lot more activity here than we do on Saturna ....and.. as you know, I take Homeland security very seriously. Today for instance, I have had to cope with at least a hundred people and dogs passing my gate (maybe not quite that many, but you know I can't count) AND a Javelina running by.
Mom and DOD come to the door...NO, not to compliment me on my vigilance (for which I do NOT receive extra compensation by the way) but to tell me to 'Shut Up'. If that isn't bad enough Ray and Susan have got into the act....yelling at me through the screen door. I mean, this is not the way company is supposed to behave with the Family it??

They have me locked in now.....I know the Javelina is lurking out there somewhere.... I am growling and whining and moaning but they will not listen. How I wish I could reach the door knob!!!!