me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Day in Town

Lacey went to the Vet yesterday to get her stitches out...she was a very good dog! She sat quietly while the Vet put scissors close to her eyes and peered into them with lights. The Vet said he had never seen such a good Shar pei so Mom was very proud of her!  He showed Mom that Lacey's corneas are badly scarred and that they may or may not heal....

We had a long day in town grocery shopping and doing chores. Lacey is not used to traffic and lots of people and it makes her a bit nervous but she was good in the car. Of course Mom and DOD do not leave us alone...DOD doesn't think we can trust her yet and I think he is right! I like all the togetherness. We went to DQ for normally those two would go to a nice restaurant and take their sweet time about it....this way we all stay in the car and they share their burgers with us!  Cool.

We are off for a walk with DOD... both Lacey and I are happy and laughing this morning. Life is good.