me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 24 October 2011


Mom and DOD have started packing for our trip....there are suitcases and containers everywhere. I don't see any containers filled with food for me and Lacey yet...and where are my coat and my toys going to go?? There are going to be serious consequences if they hog up all the room in the new car!!

We had a nice day yesterday in the sun....went for a long walk and rolled around in the meadow. Lacey has taken to wading through puddles left over from the last rain. I have explained to her that a mature dog does not race through mud and water, but she will not listen. She even bites the mud and throws it around! I am so glad that no one can see her behaviour ...very immature to say the least. And, she has taken to rolling in Deer Poo! I can understand wanting the fragrance of Otter Poo....but DEER poo???  Sometimes I think she may be too much of a challenge even for me.