me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dark Morning

It is 7.00am and still dark out! How I dislike the start of the dark season.....I hope Arizona is lighter than here. I have been busy taking care of Mom and her bad flu/cold. I encouraged her to take long walks and play with me and Lacey...and NEVER to be late with our breakfast and dinner. I think it is not good to lay around feeling sorry for yourself when you are sick!

We are getting ready to go to Arizona next week. I hear them making plans about where to stop and how they are going to deal with me and Lacey in the car for nearly 4 days. I like Mom's approach...she says they will not leave us even for dinner....we will all eat together and stay together. Of course this is for Lacey, if it was just me ...a mature dog....they would be off having a good time and leaving me in the car!

I get more bonded to Lacey every day. Of course I don't tell her that. But I do let her do anything she wants and she licks me and pats me with her paws. I like it a lot!