me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Visions and Doubts

Hurley baying at the moon
The hours dragged on and our feet got more and more tired, even wearing our moccasins it was hard to keep shuffling and stomping. The medicine man  called out to us at last, and without missing a step, he dug some herbs out of his bag. He gave each of us a portion of roots to chew...and the change was miraculous! Nothing looked quite the same as it had before.....Red looked like a dancing, twirling war bonnet. Tansy looked like a Silver Dappled Badger ....Dusty looked like a shaggy Bear...Hurley looked like a Wolf and he howled like one too! Margaret looked like Pocahontas and Me?  I couldn't see myself but the others told me I was shining white like a ghost moon -dog.

We were no longer tired...we Hi-I-I-ed and stomped and chanted....Margaret was twirling her shakers like a drum majorette .....everything was illuminated and we saw visions of a place deep inside the mountain and piles of glittering gold! And then the great Chief spoke. He called an end to the dance and told us to form a circle around the fire ....we sat down and waited.

The Chief told us that through the magic of Medicine Man we were able to see the Lost Dutchman's Gold mine and the gold that lay hidden.... We all breathed in was not just a legend it was TRUE...the  treasure exists! He told us of all the people who had come searching before us, and how if our hearts and our intentions were not pure it would mean that we too would not survive, just like all the rest. In the desert sand he drew a plan for us and showed us the path we would have to take. He warned us that although he and his warriors were powerful spirits there were even more powerful spirits that guarded the entrance to the mine and hid it from all but the most 'seeing'. The Chief called for his ancestors to help and protect us in our quest and he told us that tonight we had entered the spirit world, if only for a short while, and the spirit power was now ours. He gave us a little bag of roots and told us to use them only if absolutely necessary to assume the identities we had taken on earlier.

You know, sometimes I  wonder what on earth we have got ourselves into! Sometimes I doubt that we can accomplish our goals. Sometimes I remember we are just dogs and one rooster and one human......sometimes I am afraid. And I know we all feel the same way. Please send your thoughts to help us.

Tomorrow is here.