me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vet Wednesday

I don't have much time for writing in my diary this morning.

It is a terrible day for me!  Not only do I have to go to the Vet for a shot but I heard mom tell DOD that I need a bath before I go...she says she cannot have the Vet seeing me in this condition!  Does she really think the Vet gives two hoots about whether I am white enough??? Has she no heart to do these two awful things in one day?? If she thinks I am going to help with Lacey today...she can think again!

DOD brought the new crate home last night and it is pretty spiffy....much better than my old crate. This is another thing that is making me peevish....Lacey gets all the new stuff.

Even a mature dog has off days....I just dug a big hole in the garden to show them my displeasure!